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Innovation Management Certificated

This certification validates experience and knowledge a range of the most relevant topics that pertain to Innovation Management. The exam content does get into implementation details and it covers at a conceptual and situational level, focusing on topics that enable participants a comprehensive understanding of the common analysis functions and skills of Innovation Management.


This certification has no prerequisites


Projects managers



Systems Administrator

Support Engineer

Technical Consultant

Technical Administrator


The following topics are validates:

How to innovate
Innovation case
Types of innovation
The innovation process
Alignment with strategic objectives
Basic components
Stage # 1 Identify innovation opportunities
Stage # 2 Generate creative ideas
Stage # 3 Evaluate ideas
Stage # 4 Develop the innovation project
Stage # 5 Launch and communicate the innovation
Innovation focus
Innovation focus
Research and field work
Innovation opportunity
Innovation roles
Activator - Finder
Creator - Developer
Executor - Facilitator
Innovators DNA Model
Creativity skills
Execution powers
Factors to foster a culture of innovation

About Exam

Certification Non-proctored Exam.

Exam format is multiple-choice questions, 42 questions.

Exam duration 1 hour.

Passing score 67%.

Two chances.

A single-use voucher is for non-proctored  Certification exam.