Cursos de certificaciones internacionales

Cursos de certificaciones internacionales

Machine Learning Certified Professional

This certification validates experience and knowledge in algorithms, methods and models of contemporary machine learning practices to explore how a range of different business problems can be solved by utilizing and combining proven machine learning techniques. The exam certification is divided into a series of modular sections.


Machine Learning Certified Associate





Systems Administrator

Support Engineer

Technical Consultant

Technical Administrator


The following topics are validates:

Data Exploration Patterns

Central Tendency Computation

Variability Computation

Data Reduction Patterns

Data Wrangling Patterns

Feature Imputation

Feature Encoding

Supervised Learning Patterns

Numerical Prediction

Category Prediction

Category Discovery

Pattern Discovery

Supervised Learning


Decision Tree Regression

Model Evaluation Patterns

Baseline Modeling

Training Performance

Model Optimization Patterns

Ensemble Learning,
Frequent Model Retraining

Incremental Model Learning

About Exam

Certification Non-proctored Exam.

Exam format is multiple-choice questions, 42 questions.

Exam duration 1 hour.

Passing score 67%.

Two chances.

A single-use voucher is for non-proctored  Certification exam.