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Scrum Developer Certificated

This certification validates experience and knowledge a range of the most relevant topics that pertain to Scrum Developer Team role. The exam content does not get into implementation details, but instead keeps coverage at a conceptual and situational level, focusing on topics that enable participants a comprehensive understanding of the common analysis functions and skills of Scrum Developer.


The following certifications are prerequisites:

Scrum Foundations Certificated


Project Managers



Systems Administrator

Support Engineer

Technical Consultant

Technical Administrator


The following topics are validates:

Development team role

Development team characteristics




Development team responsibilities

Development team size

Development Team Location (Collocated Team)

The development team and the DevOps culture

DevOps Culture Development and Operations

Periodic table of DevOps tools

Scrum application in a real environment

Scrum life cycle

Product List (Product Backlog)

User Stories / Epics

Agile estimation using Planning Poker

How to play?

Team speed

Technical Debt

Product List

Sprint Planning Meeting

Creating the Sprint Backlog

Definition of "Completed"

About Exam

Certification Non-proctored Exam.

Exam format is multiple-choice questions, 42 questions.

Exam duration 1 hour.

Passing score 67%.

Two chances.

A single-use voucher is for non-proctored  Certification exam.